Why Us

  • 1.

    We Love what we Do

    Our love for our little furry friends is our motivation to provide even better services for more swinging tails and smiley owners.

  • 2.

    Care and Kindness

    Care and grooming of your lovely friend, is made without anesthesia and using only animals friendly products.

  • 3.

    Variety of Products

    We offer wide range of products, accessories and cosmetics for the everyday care of your beloved friend.

  • 4.

    Continuous Development and Improvement

    Continuous improvement and development of our services with specialized studies in Greece, attending and participation in seminars.

A few words about Us

Faidra's Grooming

FAIDRA'S GROOMING created a special place for our precious friends with respect and love to them, providing professional and specialized care services.

With specialized studies in Greece and continuous attending and participation in seminars, we guarantee high quality and continuous improvement of our services.

Our aim is to take care of your beloved friend to get a flawless look with shiny hair and happy mood. The successful result reflects a healthy pet and a happy owner, ready to share feelings about a great and enduring friendship between them.